Avert Fate


Robot-destroying first person shooter



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Avert Fate is a first person shooter game in which players fight against an army of robots using their own weapons: plasma rifles, pulse grenades, etc.

In the game you will explore beautiful scenes that include reminders of older, ancient generations as you combat an army of robots. These will try flanking you, shooting you from far distances, and will even surprise you by launching grenades. This will all be a clear demonstration of their relatively advanced artificial intelligence.

Aside from your normal robots, during the game you will also find your occasional 'special' enemies. The first will be a spaceship you have to shoot down, but later you will come face to face with a robot the size of a building that will try to wipe you out with a single blow.

Fortunately, you'll have loads of weapons in your arsenal, including lasers, rocket launchers and grenades, all capable of destroying any of your enemies.

Avert Fate is a fun first person game, with amazing graphics, and a really nice sound track.
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